A gripping adventure story for the young and the young at heart from age 10+

120 pages, perfect bound 150mmx230mm

I wrote this story 25 years ago. Good stories never age. The English edition was sold by McMillan as  "Survivors"

4th re-worked edition by crowpublishing.com

ISBN 9781511478083


With a hurricane raging and their cargo
on fire, the crew of the oil tanker
Almax Venturer
have no choice but to abandon ship.
For young Peter Bush, on his very first voyage,
what happens next is a complete nightmare.
Washed up on an uninhabited Antarctic island, the
survivors can only hope that somewhere
out there in the Southern Ocean a ship will hear their Mayday signal.
But then the smoke of a fire is sighted, one of
the crew mysteriously disappears and Peter comes
face to face with a survivor from a WW2 U-boat.
He is mad, he is armed and he is extremely dangerous.

Looking for a present for a 10-14 year old who likes adventure stories?


“A gripping read, very much in the Hammond Innes /Alistair MacLean genre”...
Junior Bookshelf

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