Trevor Semmens first published Australian Woodworking Planemakers in 1993.

A second enlarged edition followed in 1998 with an update in 2000. This is

the 3rd enlarged edition, combining all documented Australian makers,

their history and their planes.

The first planes used in this country were brought from England and used by both immigrant and convict artisans and labourers. Due to the shortage of tools, tradesmen often made their own, but no identifiable Australian planemakers were known before about 1890–95 when in Hobart, Tasmania, Percy Nichols’ stamp appeared on a handled reeding plane. After WW2 it was virtually impossible to obtain tools of any kind, and it was realised that considerable effort had to be put into developing local products. Semmens comprehensively catalogues all Australian makers of woodworking planes with insight and an eye for  the features that make our planes uniquely Australian.

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