Fish from the Sky 

by Addison Marsh

This amazing story of survival, love and escape is based on true events in WW2.

In the night of March 24, 1944 German night fighter ace Heinz Roekker shoots down RAF Lancaster DS664 on the home journey from a Berlin bombing raid.

Newly wed rear gunner Sergeant James Marshall miraculously survives the fall from the burning plane without a parachute. He is taken prisoner and sent to Dulag Luft where Nazi Intelligence takes an interest in him and his wife Abbie who works for British Intelligence. Abbie is posted to Wilton Park and soon finds herself involved in the murky world of MI9.

Meanwhile, James ends up in Stalag Luft in Sagan, in the same barracks the Great Escape started from in the night James was shot down. Fifty of the escapees are put on a kill list, recaptured and brutally murdered by direct order of Hitler. Their remains are brought back and buried at Stalag Luft as a stark reminder that there is a high price to be paid for any further escape attempts.

When James realises that he too might be on the next POW kill list, he prepares for an escape. Abbie is determined to get James back. She makes her way to Germany to help her husband who has little chance of making it out on his own. They manage to flee to Abbie’s aunt Silke who has her own troubles with the SS. When the bombs start falling on Friedrichshafen it is time to take sides in one last daring escape.

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