By M.L. Clausen on May 30, 2015

This magical story pulled me in from the very first page. It's a warm and detailed book about the adventures of life and a wonderful coming of age story. The nostalgic setting of the book draws you in as you follow the lives of the two boys like it's someone from your own family. It seemed like a tale that would be passed down within my own family and I couldn't put it down.

 Literary Picks on June 17, 2015 :

A delightful and heart-warming novel.

Hans Brunner’s coming-of-age novel, “Hotel Lionheart,” is a deliciously rich read filled with the nostalgia of youth carried by a truly authentic voice. Our hero, Felix, navigates the choppy waters to adulthood, allowing his alter ego “Lionheart” to step in when things get too dire and he must be brave. His family takes on the management of a large hotel, giving Felix and his brother Lukas many opportunities to get into mischief. In the Hotel Lionheart, however, even the adults are up to some mischief and as a result, by the end, Felix has become a strong young man with no need for an alter ego. He can stand on his own.

Brunner is a very talented writer, and I was swept up into Felix’s world quickly and carried along. An eye for detail and an authentic young adult voice keeps readers highly engaged and in the story completely. Brunner draws unique and real characters who come to life within the story. His writing is clear and strong, and the voice reads true.

Brunner’s ability to narrate the boys’ adventures with emotional subtlety makes “Hotel Lionheart” an intelligent read with understated drama and plenty of humor. It’s always amusing to look back on youth with a sense of bemusement, and Brunner delivers warm and soft chuckles throughout. Nothing is overwrought in this tightly and intricately written book.

I highly recommend this book to lovers of literary fiction and coming-of-age novels. It’s a lovely long read filled with great moments, subtle drama, youthful insight, and humorous notes.