Stanley Planes

a comprehensive  guide to identification and value for collectors of Stanley planes

with hints and tips accumulated over 20 years of full time tool dealing and countless mistakes you don't want to repeat!


  • hints and tips on collecting

  • cleaning and restoring

  • a short Stanley history

  • manufacturing details

  • tricks of the trade

  • what to check

  • market values

  • detailed colour pictures

  • A4 magazine format, full colour, 44 pages

  • load it on your iPhone for a handy reference


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About this catalogue

This is not an Australian type study and not your definitive oeuvre on everything Stanley. There are more detailed publications available. If you keep collecting Stanley tools you will inevitably find them . The questions budding collectors keep asking me are a lot more basic: what is it and how much is it worth? This catalogue is my best possible answer to questions one and two ......

You cannot afford to buy a Stanley plane without knowing the answers to questions one and two!

For most of us, the internet is now the sole and convenient provider of vintage tools. Beware, convenience is also the name for a latrine when it becomes public! There certainly are some stinkers out there and they seem to grow bigger and louder all the time. Stay well clear of them! You can still buy any Stanley tool at a bargain price if you are prepared to invest time instead of money..... The fog will lift from those ethereal white-box-pictures; the loud sales pitch will become less annoying..... this catalogue will help you on the right track and save you time and money


I received STANLEY PLANES today. Outstanding layout! Really a great guide for any level of collector. Easily, the best guide I have. Walter's big book is too big to carry around. The little price guide is inadequate when you are holding a tool and trying to decide it's true value.  Anyway Hans............superb manual!! Every collector should have one and the "Brunner Guide" is affordable to anyone