About this book...

A story a long time in the making....

         Way back when I started off as an author my publisher urged me to write this story. I never did. Every now and then I thought about it and slowly but surely fiction crept into the memoir and turned me into Felix Ward. I carried this story around for a very long time. After thirty years I finally wrote it down as my recollection of growing up in the sixties.

           This is actually my second career as a writer. I had a pretty good string of 12 books way back through the 1980s. Awards, glowing reviews and feature articles in newspapers and magazines never added to this writer's bottom line so I kept my day job. Despite all this, I really like cooking up a story and finding readers for it. I always planned on coming back to writing once there were no more hungry mouths to feed.  The time is now. And this time around I can actually enjoy it because I know that at the end of the rainbow are not fortune and fame, just the baptism of another story. Ah well, and hopefully a publisher who pays for the the drinks.


young me with friend .... working on my third novel. I guess I had a lot more dreams about being a writer back then. Now I just enjoy it.  How times have changed, though. These days you don't really need a publisher any more. You can do it all yourself for the cost of close to zero.

some of my earlier books.... I lost a couple over the years!


The score

No deep meaning in it, just a great song at the dawn of TV and Rock and Roll. Kind of kept me in the mood for writing Hotel Lionheart.

RIP Steve Marriott and the rest of the Small Faces.


The picture gallery

Town of Meilen and Hotel Loewen around 1900



Hotel Loewen, Meilen as it was

 back in the late 1950s early 60s  and now